Does Cubasis use its own sampler engine ?

A question to Steinberg.

The sounds are said to come from Halion Sonic - but is this just the samples or is there a cut down version of the Halion engine in there ?

I suspect they may just be using the standard soundfont player that comes with the iOS.

Certainly the sounds - Grand and basses dont seem that amazing.

It would be really cool to have a sound set equivalent to Sampletantk iOS, which has near to a GB of samples.

Even Garageband has better sounds.

I agree. i’m finding Cubasis to be a great Multi track with built in sequencer but the magority of instruments used in my recordings so far are using sounds from SampleTank, Alchemy, Sunrizer and Garageband. I have an iPad and iPhone so I do sound out from one and bring it into the other via Mobile In interface.

The sounds in cubasis also seem to have a distinct sweet spot. In other words, select a vocal Ahh sound and it sounds fine within 1-2 octaves but above or below that it sounds horrible. It’s like the sample is noisy and waveform is breaking up. Same goes for many of the synth leads in the higher register. Get very gritty to the ears.

I look forward to some form up improvement in this area.AND also Audiobus implimentation.