Does D3 import technique text from Sibelius xml files?


does anyone know if the Dorico 3, when it imports .xml files from Sibelius, imports the technique text now [- eg pizz. trem. etc.]? D2 does not, so hoping D3 does.

thanks for any help on this question.

Steve :slight_smile:

I don’t think there has been any change yet about any MusicXML-related topic. However, it is high in the priority pile now. But I don’t know anything about your playing technique issue.

No, Dorico 3 does not yet import playing techniques from MusicXML.

Hi Marc and Daniel,

thank you for your replies. Daniel, as you’ve said “No, Dorico 3 does not yet import playing techniques from MusicXML.”, I’m guessing that will eventually happen from what I read in your answer.
Am I correct?



It doesn’t take a huge amount of searching to find clarification that what Daniel means is: it’ll be addressed one day. for example.

Yes, my use of the word “yet” almost without exception means that something is planned. I think it’s a pretty typical use of the word and I hope it’s not hard to interpret.

Hi Daniel.

thanks for your reply, and first, I hope you could please accept my very sincere apology for my question, as when I Looked back over what I had written, I realize that it came through as doubting that this was be fixed, so, I hope you will accept my apology for this. I was actually hoping to know, more or less, was how much along the time line of further development is this going to happen. But, I would know that this would be a question that is too hard to answer, at the present time, due to all of the things that need to be done with everyone settling in to use Version 3, so please don’t worry about answering that one as I know you are all working flat out.

Other than that, I’m definitely updating to version 3 soon when I have the right amount of $$$$$. It looks fantastic, so thanks to you Daniel, and all of your team for the amazing work you’ve put into this. I cannot wait to use Dorico 3!!

thanks and best as always,

Steve :smiley: :smiley:

We’ll certainly try to get to it soon. I know it’s a big problem.

And I’m glad you like the look of Dorico 3, and hope you will enjoy using it, even though it’s as yet unable to import playing techniques from MusicXML.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply. I’m sure everyone is thrilled with the new features of D3 - being able now to create expression maps, note velocity editing, and many other things, I think it is an amazing achievement. I will be upgrading definitely!

thanks again for your reply,

Steve :slight_smile: