Does deleting cubase preferences delete my templates and plug in manager folders I set up?

I’ve been killing myself trying to figure out what happened. If I delete my preferences file dont I loose all my cubase presets? Like my basic song templates, where my plugins are located, the folders I created in my plugin manager, etc?

I have been using ARC as a plug in on the monitor inserts in the control room area. This allows me to hear the effect when mixing but that never prints when exporting. FANTASTIC! I have one present for my mains and another for my smaller speakers. Say what you will about the software but it’s become something I’m accustomed to so its necessary. With this method I dont have to remember to turn it off when exporting and I dont have to switch presets as each set of monitor outs contains it’s own plugins.

Recently I can no longer open the ARC interface GUI I double click then nothing. Pull the .dll file then rescan… reboot cubase then place it back in the folder rescan plugins and it’s ok again until I switch to another project. After I switch including shutting down. The plug in stays where it was last.This is the only way I can remove the plugin. By having it show up as unavailable, remove it from the slot.

I thought that the “control room” was specific to each project but it appears to be global. This means the plugin shows as inaccessible everytime I reopen something. I have to do some further troubleshooting today but it seemed it was fine when on the main stereo bus but not the control room monitor buss.

I placed a very obnoxious plate reverb in the slot and verified that it does not print upon export (that’s a dead giveaway to tell). I didnt have a problem with those inserts. I thought maybe it was related to which insert it was located, but that didnt seem to solve anything… (again I need to troubleshoot further, got a bit frustrated yesterday)

I ended up uninstalling ARC then reinstalled it… lost my all those speaker presets which was ok as I moved things around and needed to reshoot the room anyways.

I also tried using sonorworks and same thing. I have to get the plugin to show as unavailable (!!! REFERENCE3.64) just to get it to be accessible to pull it off the insert. Once the issues started to arise I thought this would be a good shootout so I wanted to compare the two ARC vs Sonorworks… this is how I noticed the problem. I do like Sonorworks a little better I think.

I can place 2 seperate instances on the stereo bus and engage them per speaker, bypassing the other one, but this seems ridiculous and just a terrible workflow. I don’t remember anything not working in the stereo bus inserts. I believe this is all related to the control room inserts.

It gets weirder, and here are all the things I’ve found so far and what’s new

I’m on Cubase Pro 10.0.6 recent update (but it was ok til two days ago)

Recently added VST Connect Pro after my trial ran out. It’s a great feature especially these days. I didnt have a problem with ARC the entire time I was using this trial.I might pull the .dll for connect pro and see if maybe that’s the issue, maybe it’s a corrupt install?

No new plugins

NEVER UPDATE WINDOWS so that’s not it. In fact once everything is working I dont like doing cubase updates either TBH.

This was before trying Sonorworks 3 btw, so that’s not it. In fact the insert problem was the reason I decided to compare the two.

Recently updated from 10.0.5 but the plugin isnt working properly there any longer either. Thankfully I still have access to the previous 10.0.5 version shortcut, as well as 10.0.6

Tried opening the project in 9.5 and that seemed ok no issues. I dont think I should have to go backwards especially since I paid for the upgrade to 10. It will help me figure out where the issue is however and I’m glad Cubase doesn’t overwrite any previous versions.

Upgraded to a new Focusrite Clarette, this was all fine and has been in use for the last few months. So, that’s not the problem.

Upgraded to VST Connect Pro then issues started but it was fine during the trial. I’m really thinking this is the culprit and hope there is a .dll file I can remove to assist with troubleshooting.

Video card driver? I dunno yet I haven’t tried that could need an upgrade since the 10.0.6 update? Its a Nvidia card and has been rock solid in my system for years.

I do have a system image I created before the 10.0.6 update so I can reload the entire system again if I need to. This just seems like way too much trouble because simply pulling the offending .dll and rescanning and reopening cubase should solve the problem right?

Lengthy post here but I’m hoping to bounce this off you guys in case I’m missing something.

So, if I delete my cubase preference file do I lose templates and plugin manager folders I created?


User templates are stored in the preferences subfolder (specifically at Cubase 10.5/Project Preferences). So yes, by deleting the preferences, you delete your templates.

Also Plug-in Manager Folders are stored in one of the preferences files, so you would delete it.