Does deleting project file delete audio files?

Dumb question I know. I am trying to free up disk space on my drive. If I delete a .npr project file will it delete all of the audio files that it uses too?


The NPR and BAK files also compress very well which can save a lot of space if you have a directory full of them.

So before you delete a .npr file I guess you should first manually delete files in the pool?

What I do is use the backup project function and tell it to remove unused audio. You can do it manually too. You can also have it optimize the events too where it will truncate the audio file to the length that is used in the project.

I usually backup the project to a different drive, then open it after complete, verify audio pool location and make sure there are no missing any audio files. You can then delete the original project, audio files, etc…

Just be careful not to lose anything.

You can also go to the pool window (before you erase the .npr), trash everything, and then tell the pool to erase the files that are in the trash.