Does deleting/reinstalling Cubase erase Cubase projects and 3rd party VSTs?

Hey so I’m looking to reinstall Cubase 12 Pro on another drive on my Windows 10 laptop (I want to move it to an SSD drive as its faster). I’ll need to uninstall Cubase from the HDD drive first. I also have an old version of Cubase (11 Elements) that I want to uninstall. My questions: if I uninstall a version of Cubase, what happens to the Cubase projects I created and the 3rd party VSTs I installed? Will they be deleted? How can I back them up before uninstalling (and reinstalling)? Thanks.

No. On launching Cubase, it will rescan your VST2/3 folders for your 3rd party plugs. And your projects will NOT be deleted. They should be in your Documents (Win) folder by default. and hence unaffected by any removal of programs.


Ok. I was wondering if there’s a way to find out what drive and file location I currently have Cubase 12 Pro installed to? I think it’s on the HDD drive but I’m not 100% sure. Does the Steinberg Download Assistant tell you this?


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