Does Dorico 2 give anyone the random Beach Ball of Death?

It’s been doing that to me today. Twice in the last half-hour. As befits playing a good computer RPG, I save early and save often, which means such program-hangs are usually not an issue for me. I never trust auto-save with any software.

MacOS High Sierra. I will switch to Mojave closer to the coming of the next MacOS. Late-adopter, here.

No: I’ve found Dorico to be pretty rock solid on MacOS. I used to use ForeverSave2, which is a nice auto-save and versioning software, working with any app you want.
But on Dorico, it’s stability is such that I’m pretty cavalier about it. I’d look at Activity Monitor to see what using lots of CPU or Memory (or Energy) at the times that you get the SBoD. Also make sure it’s not just waiting for an external disk to spin up.

Not the beachball, but my cursor is the black and white timer almost all of the time. Dorico works despite this, but it’s off-putting.

Sometimes, I find I get the B&W timer too, but functionality continues. Usually after a long operation like casting off (eg. switching from galley to page view) on a very large score. I find that moving the cursor to the top of the screen (menu bar) will return it to its normal (pointer) state. I work in Fullscreen mode so the menu bar is hidden. Invoking it by going to the upper most edge, it almost always brings the pointer back.

Happens to me after loading large file that uses VEPro. Requires a reboot that only works sometimes. Sometimes this is no problem at all. Then it gets into a mode (not sure what causes it) that always fails until the reboot.

You should create a spin dump from activity monitor along with crash logs and send them to the developers.

I’m on Mojave but it also happened on previous OS versions. I find Mojave is no worse than High Sierra, but I still experience many problems like this. Perhaps this is related to the machine type (e.g., the ones wth the Touch Bar seem to have some unique issues).

Yes I do get the spinning beachball sometimes - every other day, if I work a lot.
Still, Dorico runs very fast and reliable, except these moments… sometimes I feel them coming and save the project just in time.
Still I have the suspicion, that these events have something to do with the built in SSD (or in my other case a fusion drive). These unexpected and sudden beachballs I have only experienced since changing to SSD - strangely enough. My MacBook Pro houses a Samsung 840 EVO and my desktop Mac an ‘APPLE SSD SM0128F’

I would expect fusion drives would be problematic unless you can nail down your samples to the SSD portion of the disk. Is this possible?

This discussion has me wondering if encrypted SSD could cause problems with streaming. I’ve been running encrypted since Dorico first came out. Is anyone else encrypting your streaming drive?

see new thread titled “I can reliably reproduce the beach ball spin problem”

Please post your machine specs (include model year, Touch Bar, etc)

Even if you don’t have this issue. Trying to narrow this issue.