Does Dorico 4.1 support guitar dead notes playback?

Does Dorico 4.1 support guitar dead notes playback?

No, I don’t think so – it plays back ghost notes in parentheses at a lower volume/dynamic, but not dead notes as yet.

thanks for the answer

I hope it will be added soon because it’s a little frustrating for me. Often bass and guitar parts imply lots of dead notes

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If your VST supports dead notes, you can create an expression map entry that maps the playback technique to the VST keyswitch.

I tried that, but couldn’t get it to work, at least with the supplied panel switch, since that doesn’t seem to be connected to the available playback technique.


I had dead noteheads working for me. Can send more info later when back at computer.

Please do! :relaxed:

Did you get a chance to look into how you achieved those pesky dead notes? :slight_smile:


So sorry I forgot to come back to this.

There is a property under “Guitar Techniques” called “Dead note” which is what you’re looking for:

This enables the Playback Technique “muted” which works by default with the HSE Electric Guitar, and you can add to your own Expression Map, like I’ve done with my Shreddage 3 Hydra in the attached project:

Dead Note Test.dorico (2.8 MB)

Please let me know if this works for you and if you have other questions.