Does Dorico 4 send sync current tempo?

Is it possible now in D4 to sync spectrasonics rmx, loop or other plugin that need a tempo sync?

I’m afraid not. This is still planned, but not yet implemented.


That could explain why Vocaloid VSTi is still not working with Dorico 4

I’m not sure if it would be the only reason, but it certainly will be a reason.

Hi @dspreadbury,

Apologies for reviving an old thread, just curious if this is something that we can expect relatively soon, or if it’s a long way’s off.


Ulf has made a suggestion about how we could do something simple when the project is in fixed tempo mode or when the project has no tempo changes which we could do relatively soon (subject to having somebody available to work on it), but the more complete solution will have to wait for the next major version (at the earliest).

@dspreadbury I’m looking forward to the “complete solution”. IMO, the “relatively soon” version is not too helpful; if I’m understanding it correctly, it would only be slightly easier than going into plugins and setting a fixed tempo.