Does Dorico have equivalent of Sound Variations in Studio One?

In my studies at ScoreClub Ive decided to switch from Notion/ Studio One (notation display) to Dorico for my composing for a variety of reasons. But the one feature I LOVE in SO is the ability to use Sound Variations in a quick easy manner. And the way SO and VSL have worked together to create a database that is there and doesnt need to be created by the user. Is there anything like that in Dorico? I saw a VSL video title "
VSL for Dorico" but I dont know how similar it is to Sound Variations. If you are a Studio One user that also uses Dorico I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

It’s not quite so direct in Dorico as in Studio One, because the way you access different articulations etc. in VSL is via notated items like playing techniques rather than by directly choosing the specific VSL patch or matrix cell.