Does Dorico manage cut-away scores?

Hi there, Sibelius user sitting on the fence here. I was just wondering whether Dorico can manage cut-away scores (typical of contemporary classical music, with staves coming and going mid page: In Sibelius, managed by way of ‘hidden instruments’)? I’ve attached an image of a bar to give an idea of what I’d be looking to accomplish. Cheers!
Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 3.56.08 PM.png

You can add and remove staves from a (Solo) Player at any point, so your example would require setting an “Add Staff” flag, followed by a “Remove Staff” flag a few beats later, and then select the notes and press M to cross-staff.

Welcome to the forum, ihcob. Dorico doesn’t yet have dedicated features for cut-away scores, but this topic came up in another thread over the last day or two, and I wrote a few words on the subject here.