Does Dorico re-install delete user playback templates?

I just re-installed Dorico because it’s running slowly.
Seems my user playback template are now gone?

Does the Dorico installer really delete user playback templates?

This is also an issue when sharing project files. Why does Dorico not store playback endpoint configuration in the project file?

What OS platform are you using? Just re-installing Dorico shouldn’t remove user settings. (And reinstalling isn’t a likely fix for problems of that kind.)

In any case, you will have a backup for exactly this kind of issue.

The project file does contain all the playback information necessary for the file. If you copy it to another computer with the same VSTs, it should play, and yes, you could save the endpoints from there. But only for the instruments contained in the file.

Yes I will restore from backup. Thanks.

Friends, when sharing a Dorico project to a different machine, consider whether to copy or export any custom playback template it uses. Because Dorico will warn you it’s missing when you open on a machine without it.

If the ‘sharee’ has all the same VSTs, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have the templates: everything will still play back as intended.

For example, I revised all my templates, so I have old files with templates I’ve since deleted. So I get a warning that the template is missing, but the music still plays.

That’s good to know, thanks.
When receiving a project from a collaborator, that warning message is worrying.