Does Dorico support momentary (or ornamental) key-switches?

Some VST libraries (such as the Emotional string series by Harmonic Subtones) make use of so-called momentary (or ornamental) key-switches. The idea is that by pressing and then holding down a certain key while some other articulation is active, you get a nice crossfade between the two articulations. For example, if legato is active and I press the key-switch for whole-tone trill, I get a nice smooth transition from legato to trill, and the trill remains in force as long as I hold down the trill key-switch.

Can Dorico somehow emulate this behaviour?

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If memory serves me, all Key Switches in Dorico are latching by default (lasting (being “depressed”) until the next one) so you should be able to simulate this, to a large extent, by using ADD-ON techniques in the expression maps. In theory at least, not able to check it out ATM :slight_smile:

EDIT: confirmed in the Studio that the above approach works (using Emotional Cello.) The mom key has to be “released” with a (hidden) ord/nat technique,

Ooh - Just grabbed Emotional Cello. I understand what you’re describing here, fratveno, but would love a little further unpacking. How are the add-on techniques for key release added in expression maps?