Does external effect routing save with the project yet?

I am waiting, still at 7.5.


I would say this is system settings, not per project settings, isn’t it? Therefore this is stored globaly.

Right. I have to do a workaround so that I can easily switch from one project to another - I load a saved XML file into the user data folder then reboot. This is a huge annoyance to any busy engineer who uses a lot of external effects.

I just wonder, that your routing changes on the HW side. This is the biggest time-consuming part, isn’t it?

You could also use Cubase Profiles. Then you don’t need two XML files to exchange.

I am unaware of Cubase profiles. Would this still require a reboot of Cubase?

OK. Say I record a band, then afterwards, I repatch and start working on a mix, then, say I need to make rough mixes for the band (in a project file with 18 inputs are still assigned,) then I need to go back to mixing. Or I am mixing a couple of projects where elements and routings are different, but the patching doesn’t need to change (say I’m calling the channel used for the snare “snare” for both projects, but it goes to a different channel in the new project) Or say I’m mixing, but take a break to practice guitar, and want to record it, so I patch the mic in and go. Then i go back to mixing, repatch the physical connection but forget about the digital I/O, and, let’s say that i/o is for something not hugely significant , so easily missed during the later stages of a mix notes when I’m sometimes not as attentive or am obsessing about one problematic element… so I go ahead and render the mix with out the element routed to the missing i/o, and the clients have to email me to ask why the f*ck is the shaker during the choruses muted?

Do you begin to see how this amounts to an annoyance that happens over and over and over again so I get a constant reminder of how unresponsive Steinberg is to its customers?

The time spent physically patching is unavoidable, but the time spent dealing with interior patching is not.

Yes, reboot is required with Profile change, unfortunately.

Thanks for the explanation.

Here is a link how to do so.

This doesn’t really solve the problem, but it is a slightly more elegant workaround.