Does faster RAM make a difference for Cubase 8 ?

What minimum would you get for Cubase 8 in terms of RAM? 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB?

And… 1600Mhz, 2133 or 2400?

… DDR3 vs DDR4 ?

What works best with Cubase 8 - does any of it make that much of a difference?

Yes, it makes a difference, but probably you will not even notice it.
Everything you mention is more then fast enough.

Question is: how much do i want to spend and what do i need, and what is the best value for money. (unless money isn’t important)

Will it make a noticeable difference? That depends if you are going to use it or not.
I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and i’ve never gone over 12 Gig.
That means 100+ tracks. (is for entire live sessions)
But some people want really everything, or do need it for professional means. (f.e. the film composers tend to have very large systems, with multiple computers connected to eachother)
But with modern equipment, 8 gig is more the enough for 99% of all cases. Remember that stacking things up in a template means also more management for it, longer loading times, and more issues…
If you are not going to make your own templates, you will probably never go beyound 8 gigs.

More important is the harddisk or harddrives and the power of the processor.

  • Go for full-SSD. That makes a very big and noticeable difference, but comes at a cost.
  • Go for as fast as you can with your processor, but go intel. (AMD is way beyound in terms of resources compared to INTEL at the same clockspeed) Processor speed is very important and makes a difference.
  • Go for a good soundcard. That’s the one that makes the noise.

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On my system, Cubase 7.5 is much better for performance than C8.

The projects that cause a problem more are the ones where I rely on VST instruments. I can’t seem to get more than a handful in C8 before the performance meter starts approaching 50% and performance issues start to appear. And that’s before eq, inserts, fx channels, group channels and sends.

I have projects in Sonar X3 that I simply cannot replicate in C8.


If I upgrade my motherboard and CPU, would it make enough difference?

You already have a 4770 with 32 gig RAM. So upgrading isn’t going to solve it, i think.
I’ve seen the other posts you just made. Ok spending money is an option, but it is better to track down the problem first. When you change the mobo and keep on using the wrong device/settings, nothing will change and the problems will stay. (and remember: not much mobo’s support firewire anymore)

There is nothing wrong with your type of a setup under normal conditions, and as you indicate, it works in sonar. And sonar is an equivalent of cubase, and also uses VST3 and so on…
Normally, there are plenty of guys with this type of setup who do not have a problem. (otherwise that would have been discovered a very long time ago)

The question is: why is this version of cubase not working on this specific computer, when it should work with this type of a setup, and when every other program is in working order too.

The first thing you can think of when you say 7.5 was better then 8 is ok,… what has changed is ASIO guard (2).
That is part of the engine so can be something to take in to account.

Did you check with the older version of cubase ? (version 6) (you can download it for free and it works with your license)
Version 6 has still the old engine.
If everything is running like a rocket there, then that is even more an indication that the audio driver is involved in conjunction with ASIO guard. (it is the ASIO meter that spikes, and probably the CPU is not on high load at all)

EDIT: i see that you use a lot of padshops and HSSO’s. You’ll need the VST2.4 versions of the dll’s in version 6 of cubase.

But even then, you have to check also the taskmanager. How is cubase doing the core handling in this specific setup. Is it overloading a single core for some reason ? That can also be a reason for bad behaviour by the program and high ASIO loads, and that would rather indicate that there are faulty settings somewhere in the vsti’s themselves.

Another possibility is to remove all cubase version. Start with a clean and full install. It will work since you have the license on you usb.

But also think about stupid things that can be wrong. F.e. a classical one is changing the dongle to a different USB slot.

It is trial and error, indeed. But we’re sitting here somewhere on the planet without access to your system. And under normal conditions this should not go wrong with that type of setup/system like yours. So we can only throw lots of ideas, unless we recognize some pattern in the faulty behaviour. For the moment that isn’t…

good luck and don’t loose hope. You’ll find it.

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I’ve done a clean install 3 times on Windows 7 and C8 and everything, but it made no difference.

I will try C6 as suggested to see what it’s like on performance.

When I have the problem, my CPU is not being heavily taxed, but the meter in C8 is very high.

When C8 is running, Core 0 seems to have more to do than 1,2 and 3, but that’s even with just Cubase stock VSTi/VST

I’ve tried moving the USB dongles around to different slots too, and have even tried unplugging all other USB devices but it made no difference.

I get the same with the Focusrite Pro 14 (Firewire) and Steinberg UR22 (USB), so I don’t think it’s anything to do with the interface or interface’s driver.

It does strike me that one of the big differences with C8 is it’s reliance on Aero and the GPU.

I’m trying not to give up, but I have pressures on me and I am on the verge of changing daw, so I hope I get a solution quickly.