Does Groove Agent have Lfos ?

It seems like GA4 does not have any Lfos that can modulate the samples. Is this correct ?

That’s true.

Except for the Auto Filter Effect in the channel strip.

Well, it has loopable envelopes (which are also syncable to beat/tempo), but these are broken at the moment and keep on forgetting their loops points, but if they would work they could serve as very complex LFOs to modulate amplitude/pitch/filter stuff.

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You can use Cableguy’s Midishaper to add LFOs to any control in Groove Agent that supports midi learn.

So, you do this:

Install loopMidi
Make a new audio track
Put Midishaper on it
In Midishaper select “loopMidi Port” in the “out to host” drop down menu
In the buttom right hand corner of Midishaper activate “teach”.
On your Groove Agent track, make sure that it’s set to receive from all midi inputs
Select “midi learn” for any control
Now it should start modulating from the Midishaper LFO (teach mode, which is a slow moving LFO).
Now you can take Midishaper out of teach mode and set it up as you desire.

Hey presto, endless LFO modulation in Groove agent!