Does H4 come with a FULL user manual?

After the Wavelab-7 debacle (I sent my copy back as there was no full user manual), can somebody at Steinberg please say whether or not Halion-4 comes with a FULL user manual (printed or .pdf) ?

I have Halion-3, but currently use Kontakt-4 and will not be tempted back to a Steinberg sampler unless there is comprehensive documentation provided for H4.

excellent question ! :blush:


Isn’t this a full user manual?

Not when I last looked, and certainly not when compared to the Wavelab-6 manual. It tells you that things can be done, but not necessarily how to do them.

Have a look at the posts in the Wavelab-7 forum.

But that’s not important to me right now as I’ve remained with Wavelab-6. What is important is whether or not H4 will be supplied with compehensive documentation.

Hi everybody,

Since HALion 4 is a real feature monster and comes along with so many new stuff, there will definitely be “FULL” user manual. But it will just be pdf.


Hi Matthias, Is there any official information about the pricing and specially when upgrading from Halion 3? thanks.

Edit: I already saw the answer on another thread, great :slight_smile:

That’s great news!


So Wavelab-7 is not a ‘real feature monster’ ?!


can we please have the manual posted in advance somewhere please for download.

i wish to see if certain features have been implemented before purchasing. for instance, whether you can audition sounds via midi in realtime before loading

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