Does H4 come with a tutor DVd like C6 ...

Does H4 come with a tutor DVd like C6 … i didnt find any in mine …s

It does not unfortunately, however, for $19.99 this third party tutorial is VERY nice.

How can I get the Halion tutorial at a discount? I started an account with them and purchased Cubase 6 tutorial using a code posted on this forum but it was not accepted for Halion 4 in depth. Is the sale over?

Hi well how was the C6 tutor , meaning was it really in depth , i have all the basic ones , and they keep repeating the same functions , wish they would go really deep into using features , using a audio file , playing a before and after edit features , and away from the boring basics , as well as giving step by step instructions … another good addition would be for them to play on any DVD player , most of them play only on pc. so i could watch them on big Tv/s … i could be wrong here … any one ?? and why couldnt Steinberg add a H4 tutor as well , as they did with the C6 , would help new bees … they can still do it n be helpfull to thier loyal clients … i been using their older versions for a long long time , i still have the REd LPT dongle n the atari one , which is now rendered valueless no upgrades 4 that , wish they would do it for us old users , i could buy other packages , they also discontinued the printed manuals , i hate reading on screens , wish the manuels would be introduced even @ a small price , the latest additional features we could always print out …