Does H5 reads Hw synths sampled sound ?(motif,korg pa etc..)

well the title says it all…
my H5 should arrive soon and i wonder if its possible to load samples sounds from yamaha,korg, roland workstations !
would be very nice, to load some of the samples voices i have for motif es and my korg PA800 to halion.
don’t care much about the FX but more the basic key,velocity and loops to translate correctly to halion.
if it is impossible with H5 is there any good program to do so ?
Thanks !

Unfortunately no. HALion will only read VST PRESET files created for and with HALion 5 itself. It will of course read AIFF and WAV too.

halion 5 does not just import aiff and wav , it imports other formats as well . Page 87 of the manual

-Emagic EXS24
-NI Kontakt 1.x to 4.1 (except for encrypted files, scripted content, and containers)
-Akai* S1000, S2000, S3000, S5000/6000
-EMU* 3, 3X, ESI, 4, 4K, E64, E6400, ESynth, Ultra
-Roland S770*
-Kurzweil (KRZ, K25, K26)
-SoundFonts 2.x
-Giga 1, 2, limited Giga 3 support (exce

i know halion 3 could read akai sampler patches ? even if not perfectly at least it could translate 80% the basic things just ok… :unamused:
Edit:just posted together with G-Strings post…

well i think its time to have at least yamahas sampler/workstation integrating and reading patches better with yamaha/steiny H5 ?!!
if it could read other brands also it could be even better of course.

Yes, I apologize for forgetting to mention the other software sampler file types, as well as older sampler hardware, such as the Akai, but I was simply pointing out that newer workstation file types would not be read. Sorry!