Does Halion 5 let me use Halion Sonic 2?

This may be a stupid question but if I buy Halion 5,does Halion 5 let me use Halion Sonic 2?

yes, HS2 comes with the H5 license.

HALion 5 comes with the possibility to open HALion Sonic 2 as well, but not with a HALion Sonic 2 license.

Just for clarification…that you do not get a separate HALion Sonic 2 as an addon.

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yeah, I guess that is an important but subtle difference in some scenarios. Thanks for cleaning that up. It will still cause you guys about 10298-0958908798109488374890293849 e-mail and forum posts when the H6 upgrade happens LOL


So, any advantages to have both Halion 5 , and Halion Sonic 2 ?

i.e. does Halion 5 offer all the content of HS2 as well ?


They are two different programs that do two different things with largely the same content. One is better at creation, one is better at workstation mode.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I will get both.


As has been stated, if you buy H5 you can run HS2 …

So, Halion 5 license will allow me to download, and run HS2. Correct ?

If Yes, that’s very cool.


I thought I read in another thread that HS2 is actually already in the H5 installer.
Here it is…

Specifically here I think:

I can also confirm that HS2 was included in my H5 download.

Sorry for resurrecting this, I’m a bit confused (nothing new there)

It seems that most of you are saying there’s no point me buying HS2 if I buy H5 as it includs it.

yet Marcus (site admin) says we don’t get a license for it.

Surely if we don’t get a license for it, we still need to buy it?



you do get a licence for it but an allin one licence which means you can’t use them on separate machines at the same time

Ah, many thanks

Halion comes with one license… ‘HALion’. It also comes with one installer. But when you install ‘HALion’, you will see two new VST’s available in Cubase… one being HALion and the other HALion Sonic. You can open either. The HALion vst will have access to all presets with the ability to modify and work with them more deeply than if you were to load the same preset inside of HALion Sonic. If you load the HALion Sonic VST you will get a different interface and access to fewer presets, but with a more ‘accessible’ way of modifying them.

On your USB eLicenser you will see one license… ‘HALion 5’.

Just like when you buy ‘Cubase 7’, you get a Cubase 7 license on your eLicenser but you can also open ‘Cubase Artist’ with the same license. You get all the features of Cubase Artist plus some extras.

Many thanks.

Now purchased and installed.

Awesome sounding

I currently have halion sonic 2. Is it worth to buy halion 5 ? From my understanding of the posts in this forum, they are the same thing with same content, but just with different functions. Can any expert here please advise ? Thanks in advance.

H5 opens up your entire world of music my man.

No thanks necessary, just have fun.

Hi mpayne0, would you please give more information? It has the same set of presets? Thanks.