Does installing WL7 affect previous versions?


I installed version 7 on my rather dated machine but cannot use it as my lovely machine can not handle it so I am sticking with WL5 and 6. But my rock solid almost never crash machine is now having problems doing the same jobs I have always done! All I was doing was recording some old tapes to clen up and put on to CD as 16bit 44kHz OSQ files about 30 minuits long. I inserted a few generic markers, deleted the start and end silence, clicked save and then went to close the file with the x button in the corner ready to do the next recording. WL asked me if I wanted to save my file (although I had only just saved it with no more changes) to which I said yes and about 60% into the save crash! So I re-opened the file in WL5 and 6 and although the start and finish silent sections were still removed all the markers had gone! Do I need to remove and re-install WL again? :confused:

Have you the 7.01 updae?

Hi, Folks!

Synthman, beyond Philippe’s suggestions for the update, if you can, you might try upping your RAM to, at a minimum, 2GB. RAM isn’t that expensive anymore, and the boost you get in performance will also help for XP; and for Windows 7, 4 GB seems the norm.

I note you’re running Windows XP SP2. SP3 is a bit of a hog in some respects, but may provide significant performance improvements… UNLESS you don’t have SP3 drivers for all your apps and hardware!

I recently “took the plunge” and finally installed WL7 on my trusty (old) AMD 1.8 GHz laptop, running Windows XP, SP3. I haven’t tried to do much of anything with it yet, but even maxed out at 1.5GB of RAM (all this laptop puppy will hold), things seem a bit sluggish. I too need to install the 7.01 update posthaste, and will let folks know if things improve, even for playback (I didn’t try adding markers or saving anything!).

Hope this helps! Let us know how you make out with the upgrades thing.


I have updated my computer (£700 not cheap) and now I can use WL7 and Cubase 6 and still running XP! Happy for now. :smiley: