Does it matter if the INPUT to the 2-buss is > 0dBFS?

Just asking about the math here. I know 32-bit floating point on the other channels means they can’t clip. Will I avoid clipping on my CD even if my 2-buss input is greater than 0dBFS, as long as I pull its fader down so it’s output is always less than that?


As long you don´t have inserts that are not 32 Bit FP or external.

Thank you, TC. I understand about the inserts needing to be 32 bit FP, but I don’t quite understand about what are you saying about external?

External FX inserts.

Yes, that’s what the master fader is there for.


TC - I haven’t used external FX in ages, so I don’t quite understand what you mean, so I will look into it.

Arjan P - I thought as much but someone on another forum felt strongly otherwise. Maybe they’re using an old PT or something.