Does it really kill Hypersonic 2 license?

Hi, been reading on kvr that this update replaces the Halion 5 license which is very normal, because SB usually allows license to run older versions, but I also hear it breaks the Hypersonic 2 license?

Is this indeed true?
That for me would be a deal breaker.
I still think Hypersonic 2 is the best sounding SB vsti.

I can’t us my Halion 5 anymore after update to H6, license error.
I just want to us my H5 in the Komplete Kontrol software.
So steinberg fix this pleas. :angry:

Yes this is a must, I bought Halionsonic originally so I could still run Hypersonic - at the time this was an incentive from Steinberg for people to do this. Now you take this away? This is bait and switch tactics and I am not at all happy to have paid £80 for the ‘privilege’ of losing Hypersonic 2. Particularly given none of this was made clear in advance, if it had I would have thought twice.

When I first read this I thought, well this might be a show stopper for me on upgrading to H6.

But then I thought, Halion is actually Sonic on “steroids”, is it not? I mean everything you can play on Sonic can ALSO be played on Halion 6 PLUS so much more, correct???

If so, then where’s the problem?

Hypersonic - not Halionsonic

So where did I use …edit: Yea I did on another thread- thanks I corrected it. :unamused:

But I still wanna know, If you now have Halion 6 what in HyperSonic 2 or 3 are you missing out on by not having it?

Hypersonic 2 is pretty much the perfect workstation for me - lightweight but great sounds.

lightweight? is just data…

Obviously in terms of computer resources