Does JBridge work with UAD-1 card in PCI slot?

64-bit Cubase 7.5, or 7.5.10 - does anyone know, or has there been an official Steinberg pronouncement someone can point me to please?

Thanks -

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Sure is lonely here, mbr!

Here is a thread from the UAD-1 forum saying that the answer to the posted question is yes:

i just sold my 3 UAD-1 cards on ebay (keeping my UAD-2 Quad of course). They ran no problems on Win 7 64 bit with Cubase 64 bit and j-bridge and same RAM spec as you with 8GBs. Highly recommend j-bridge - it’s cheap, it works and it’s easy to install. I’m still running on an old Intel Quad core Q9300 which is maybe 4 or 5 years old and it’s solid as a rock. I don’t know Studio One but with the objective of getting maximum benefit with your RAM usage I would advise installing the 64 bit version. Then you can use j-bridge to bridge any 32 bit plugins or virtual instruments into the 64 bit address space.

So, sounds good!

I tried with JBridge but when I open I get the error:

"Sorry, one or more UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been disabled.

The UAD-1 is already being used by another application "

Hey mbr - I’m a month or so behind you, if I even can get a new rig with a PCI slot in it, so apologies, but I can’t help here.

If no answers on this forum, maybe you can try the UAD forum. If you get a helpful response, I’d be grateful if you could post back here to fill me in …



I will keep you posted.

Will try my best at UAD forum although support for UAD 1 is stopped.

I’m testing now with settings in jbridge and see if I can get it working 100%


Hi together,

you can’t use UAD-1 Plugs with 100% Functionality by using j-bridge. If you using uad 1 card together with j-bridge, you always can use and open only one plug in. That’s it. But the good thing is, you can use uad 1 with the cubase bridge. There is no need in 64 bit cubase for j-bridge. Just put the powerd plugin dll. in steinberg vst folder and everything is good. There are absolutly no problems to use uad-1 with the cubase bridge. I have running two uad-1 cards in C6.07, 7.07 and 7.510. All is perfect.


Great to know, atarifalcon030, thanks!

Can you say - is it possible for the Cubase bridge to be active (for UAD-1) and JBridge (for other 32-bit plug-ins) to be active at the same time?

I’ve not used either yet …

Alexis yes that’s how I run it at the moment. I use JBridge for 32 bit pluginns bridged to 64 bit and UAD1 through cubase bridge. I tried the JBridge with UAD for a couple of hours without success, so I rolled back as it was !

UAD 1 does however work in Cubase bridge but I thought I would be able to run more plugs at the same time on Jbridge bit with no success :frowning:

Absolut. Use the UAD Plugs via Cubase Bridge, and at the same time you can use other 32bit plugs via j-bridge as much as your computer can do. There is no limit. Again, you can use all at the same time.


You guys are great, thanks! :smiley: