Does Korg Legacy MS-20 Controller work in FX mode?

I have the Korg Legacy Collection with the MS-20 controller. The controller works fine controlling the MS-20 plug-in as a VST instrument. But when I use the MS-20fx plug-in whether as an insert or FX channel the controller doesn’t work at all. In fact the fx plug-in will not respond to any midi cc from any device. Has anyone got MS-20 Legacy controller to work in fx mode? I should add that I can make changes to the MS-20fx using the mouse though.

Using 64bit version, Cubase 7.5, Win7

I know this is an extremely old post and you have probably either gotten it working or given up, but once there’s an instance of MS-20 FX (I’m using mine as an insert), I can use a MIDI track to route the MS-20 Controller to “[Track Name]:Ins. 1. MS-20 FX - MIDI In” which shows up as a MIDI output. I can then use the patch bay as well as the keyboard in the insert FX.

I’m using Cubase 7.5 32-bit, Win7, for what it’s worth.

Have you come across any difficulty in having the modulation frequency LED on the controller sync up with the VST Instrument/FX? When using MS-20 stand-alone it works fine, but in Cubase the LED doesn’t flash at all, it doesn’t seem to ever go on. This isn’t a dealbreaker, mind you, but I just got the controller used and want to know if I’m there’s something I’m missing preferences-wise.