does LE4 & LE5 run 64bit vst's?

Pretty simple question, I’m trying to get cubase LE5 to recognise by 64 bit NI Kontakt plugins and came across some info that LE5 doesn’t recognise them… any truth to this?

Cubase LE5 would have to be 64bit, I don’t know if they did a LE5 64bit version?

O.k, if LE5 runs 64 bit VST’s would you have any clues as to why it isn’t recognising the 64bit plug-ins that I have in Kontakt? I have tries placing the dll’s in the plugins folder of cubase as well as having the vst connections menu read the kontakt folder (not at the same time) and still nothing. It does however recognise the 32bit versions…

Re-read Split´s answer. Where does he say it does…? The reason why LE 5 doesn´t recognise 64 bit VSTs isthat it is 32 bit only.