does le4 need a net connection at all times to run

I heard someone say le4 needs to be connected to the internet at all times in order to use it. seems bizzare to me.
I’d like to have this addressed because I’d like to install it over le1 but not under those circumstances.
thats just dumb, my studio computer is not hooked to the internet where I want to install it.

It´s just as dumb as to believe everything you hear someone say, and then start ranting before you verified it (just my opinion). There is nothing to be adressed, because what that someone said is simply not true. Read the system requirements…

thats a rant :unamused: have a tea. I’m trying to have it verified here because it was said by someone on the site in another thread. I’d like to know before I install it. and because you say it isn’t true, am I dumb to believe that?

My apologies for ranting :blush: , some things simply drive me up the wall sometimes…but

Read the system requirements…

The internet connection is required once for the license activation.

no problem. thats unfortunate for me because the os on my studio daw has no way of being hooked to the net, none of the internet junk was installed. usually you can get the activation from a net puter and then transfer it to the studio daw where the id comes from.

You can install LE on a different computer activate it there, then transfer your license to a USB dongle (not reversable). And can then install LE 4 on your studio computer but have to use the USB dongle in order to use LE 4.

ok cool, that helps. maybe I’ll just keep using le1, lol
I only have 20 days to return the hardware and get my money back. thats why I’m trying to figure this out, system req doesn’t say anything about a net connection and the instructions are cryptic at best

There you go again, Being a sarcastic little snot! Why be so rude to people?