Does letting Dorico hang for 10 mins allow it to write a recovery file?

The only Dorico hang I experience regularly is when trying to transform regular notes into dotted notes using the mouse click in the left side panel in Write Mode. Usually, I force Dorico to shut down as soon as it happens.

However, today there was an almost 15-minute time lapse until I shut it down. When I restarted it, Dorico unexpectedly offered to recover the file and the timestamp was ~ 10 minutes after the hanging behavior began. Miraculously, I didn’t lose any work at all!

It looks to me as if allowing it to stay in hanging state made it possible for the default auto-save behavior to continue and for the save to take place. Could that be the case? Or did something else take place and this isn’t a reliable/reproducible practice? Thanks.

Either way, there shouldn’t be a hang.

I regularly turn ‘straight’ notes into dotted ones by selecting them and pressing .

Post Diagnostic files (from the Help menu) here for the team to investigate.

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I think the problem relates to the pop-up buttons that appear when you right-click or long-click on the toolbox button. We have relatively recently fixed a problem with the way commands are triggered from these buttons that could have caused a crash or possibly a hang, so there’s a good chance this behaviour will be improved in future versions. In the meantime, I would agree with Ben that it’s worth using the key commands for these functions if you can commit them to memory.