does live input rendering work for you?

Sorry, that was internal lingo.

Yes - you’re right. I do Voice Overs for a living. Sometimes, to save editing and processing times, it would be awfully nice to be able to track through my preferred effects chain after I hit my hardware but going to disk so the effects get recorded. As it is now I record, edit, process with effects and clean any leftover mouth clicks and breaths away. But then - I need the “raw” - non-processed - file for archiving or incase the client doesn’t like my processing.

ALSO - this is a nice-to-have - somehow being able to track the file WITHOUT effects at the same time so you end up with both a processed and unprocessed file would be mega awesome. Lets say I’ve set the gate too high so certain words got chopped off - would be nice to have the raw recording. OR for backup purposes. Just a thought

I like this idea. I hope to be able to do it in a future mini update.