Does Logical Editor "Parent Object selected" always mean "Track selected"?

I’ve been testing a macro involving the PLE and was trying to figure how to say " Of the selected track". the words “Selected track” is no where to be found in the PLE. But I’ve managed after lots of internet digging, to find that “Parent object” means “Track” . This is very confusing. Could the name of the function be changed to “Track is selected” it would help a massive amount of time to many people ! Thanks

It’s there in the Filter section. Select 'Property / Property Is Set / Is selected.

“Is selected” is there as you said, but is does not return the right command when used with “Container-equal-track”. The only way (i found ) is to use the parent object function like this

As far as I know ‘Container type is Equal to Track’ functions as expected so I don’t really know what you mean. You’re going to have to explain this in a bit more logical detail.

PLE knows what you are referring to when you specify the media type as audio and the container type as a track and specify the property as selected. For example, ‘if the target is an audio track and it is selected then delete it’:

Please specify what you want to achieve with a practical example or a precise logical description.

Thanks for trying to help but I have found the way to do what I want. The only thing I want to suggest is to change the name of the function “Parent Object selected” . If you want to see what I’ve done I’ll do a video, but I don’t need any help finding something :wink:

TBH personally I see no problem with the name of the function ‘Parent Object Selected’ and, in my opinion, if it was named otherwise that would lead to even more confusion.