Does LUFS Loudness Normalization affect the audio?

Hi all,

Very simple question really - but I have not yet found a definitive answer on the net.
Cubase 10.5 - it now has LUFS loudness normalization in it’s audio editing toolbox.

Does anyone know if it does any compression on the audio when this is chosen?

ie: If I have some audio with wide dynamic range I would expect it not to be able to get LUFS at a loudish value (say -10dB just for sake of argument) without limiting the peaks.

I ask because in certain circumstances if this really does target LUFS accurately without compressing the dynamic range then I’ll be using it for all sorts of things. Even final delivery possibly if there are lots of tracks to get out quickly.

If however it turns out that it does manipulate the dynamic range, then I won’t!

(Although clearly very useful for sending scratch demos either way.)