Does Master bus EQ come after slot 8?

Hi folks,

I’m mastering a song for a friend but he’s insisting I do it on his laptop which has Cubase 5.

On my mastering chain I have some compression, EQ and limiting. Now the limiter is in slot 8, which I know is post fader, and that’s set to have a ceiling of -0.1, which works fine as there’s no fade outs or anything.

Now, I’ve been using the stock master bus EQ to shape a little, but is that particular EQ set AFTER slot 8 in the chain? I only ask because if so, then when I set a ceiling of -0.1 with the limiter on slot 8, then maybe do a 1dB boost on the EQ, that WILL in fact push the mix over 0dB as there’s nothing to stop it?

Just need to know, and if so I can just fire in a StudioEQ before the limiter.


That is the most simple way to find out yourself, followed by just looking it up in the signal flow chart of the manual.
But I´ll tell you anyway: It is pre-insert 7/8