Does Midi Clock Still Not Work in 2024

Been trying to get Cubase to auto record using the midi out clock from my keyboard as the master.(Midi Time Code)
From reading many posts i take it this simple feature is something that Cubase still cannot do in 2024.
Im using Cubase 11.5 Pro
I can get the keyboard drums to start playing using Cubase and spacebar no problem.
Very surprised that Cubase auto recording cannot be triggered from an external midi instrument.
Does any one have a work around

Hello and welcome,

first of all: MIDI Clock and MIDI Time Code (MTC) are two very different things. Most synths work with MIDI Clock, not with MIDI Time Code. MIDI Clock is a timing protocol (how fast am I?), while MTC is a positioning protocol (where am I?).

Then: Cubase must always be the Master for such a setup. Cubase has to synchronize the audio device and MIDI Clock is way to unstable to do this sufficiently well. (One clock signal every ~20ms with a bpm of 120. In that time approx. 900 samples have passed by when using 44.1kHz sample rate.)

Last: Starting recording in Cubase from an external device is done via MIDI Machine Control (MMC). I don’t know any hardware synth that can send MMC data but maybe some workstations can do that.


you want to setup a generic remote & assign the play & record button, etc.

midi clock isn’t involved at all

^^^ What he said. It’s in the manual.

If you provide the big picture, i.e. describe what it is you wish to achieve, it makes it easier for people to suggest solutions. If your keyboard has a footswitch for example, and you can configure the keyboard to send a MIDI message when that footswitch is pressed, then that message could be used by Cubase to start recording etc.