Does Motu Track16 Interface work with ipad

I know guys it´s not 100% the right forum but anyway :wink:

Does anybody know if it´s possible to make an USB Audio interface like the MotuTrack16 work with Cubasis on an iPad?
Thought about buying the adapter

Or exists there an Interface with two Mainoutputs and an Phone where I can route the click track from Cubasis only to the Phones-Out?


I’d suggest to get in touch with MOTU regarding your question.
If required I’m glad to have them supported with a promo code.


Here is the response from the Motu support.

Hi Bjoern,
Thanks for getting in touch about this. The Track16 is not a class-compliant interface, so it will not be able to connect to an iPad. However, all of our AVB interfaces are class-compliant - if you’re looking for a portable, class-compliant interface that will connect to the iPad, either the UltraLite AVB or the 624 would be great options.

I mean the support was super fast but the named interface are not an option for me because they are oversized.

Think there will be some Steinberg Interface that fits, right?
Looks like the UR242 is the right interface for my plans.

Need an Interface that works with Cubasis that makes it possible to route playbacks to one main out and an click track to the 2nd out or better to the phones out. Furthermore it must have two inputs Mic/Instr. routed directly with zero-latency to the main outs. And hell yeah, I see I have DSP power with that one for slightly compression and reverb to the inputs.

Hi burn4ever,

All Steinberg UR series audio interfaces are class-compliant and have been tested to work with Cubasis.

To find the matching device for your needs please follow this link:

The media stage on top of each UR website shows videos that should give a good overview of the capabilities per device.

The output tab located in Cubasis’ setup/metronome section allows to assign the metronome to the desired output as well as panning its signal accordingly. The output configuration is also possible via the output channel strips of the mixer. Please find more details in the Setup/Metronome chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.


Hey Lars,
thanks for you reply.

But before I buy the UR242 or UR44 and do the test.
Do you know if it´s possible to route the click/metronome in Cubasis only to the phones out?


It is not possible to route the metronome to the phones out.

As stated before, please have a look at the setup chapter in the Cubasis in-app help to find a full description regarding the feature.

Here is the link to the additional online-version of the in-app help: