Does multiple beds become crucial in Atmos productions?

I’m on Cubase (Atmos podcast context with dialog, music and FX) and I’m looking at Nuendo, with the idea of upgrading. The first reason would be the number of beds.
I ask the question to those who are already doing Dolby Atmos with Nuendo, let’s say for movies or video games (or atmos podcasts, which is still rare now).

Cubase only allows one bed: does multiple beds, as allowed by Nuendo, become crucial in productions? Do you have an example where multiple beds are essential?

Thanks in advance.

For movies/TV production having multiple beds allows you to create your deliverables more easily. Otherwise you would need to do multiple passes to create your DIAL, FX, MX downmixes.

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Therefore, from the point of view of production as such, several beds are needed. The one-bed solution is a liability. That’s important. Let’s go to Nuendo.