Does Muting an audio track save resources?

Let’s say that I want to reserve RAM/CPU/Polyphony and decide to bounce 6 drum tracks, each with effects all to a new track, and then mute each of these 6 original drum tracks–would the act of muting these tracks turn off the effects usage and polyphony and RAM usage, or are they processed anyway, and the only way to save resources is to delete the 6 tracks?

I would love to keep all the tracks I’m working on within the same project, and Freeze doesn’t appear to be an option for audio tracks yet (whether with or without effects), so I’m asking to try to come up with options. I know FLStudio has the ability to turn things off, but I don’t know if that is the case with other DAWs. If something is more efficient when muting, does anyone have any idea what is affected (RAM/CPU/Polyphony)?


I tried experimenting with this, and couldn’t see anything definitive one way or the other. Any comments on this Steinberg (or anyone else)?

Bump! Steinberg? Comments please?

hey Audiojunkie,

muting a track in Cubasis does not save any resources. The events are still being processed with all effects.

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Can that be added to the request list, along with standard audio track freezing? Thanks!

Sure. Its on our list now.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: We’ve got to reserve resources wherever we can! :slight_smile: