Does my eLicenser USB key need to be inserted at all times?

I just bought Cubase 6, validated and registered it with my USB eLicenser key and now when I take it out of my computer’s USB port Cubase will not start, stating that “No Valid License is found”.

Do I have to have my eLicenser USB key inserted whenever I want to use Cubase 6?

Yes, I’m afraid so…otherwise it wouldnl’t fulfil it’s primary purpose - to prevent people from running one license on multiple computers concurrently.

I actually wish I had pirated this program now. Just a terrible design.

It is an industry standard to have a usb license of some sort. I think its fine. If your a professional you’ll need an ilok and an elicenser…just how it is.

Heh heh, ‘terrible design’… Welcome to the world of legitimate software.

Yes, it is necessary to stop illegitimate use. Personally though, I wish it protruded a lot less from the side of my laptop so I’d worry less about breaking it! … It’s too BIG!

That may be, but what about the Dongle :laughing:

I think mods should lock or delete this thread, and possibly ban this member.
Pirating software is not okay, and implying that it’s an option suggests to me that
it may indeed be an option that the OP explores quite a bit.

He has a point though, as soon as DRM becomes a nuisance for the legal user, it’s missing its point entirely. Not saying piracy is good at all, but if the protection is more difficult to use than to penetrate, something is very wrong.

I personally don’t find that is the case, but the forums show that there are plenty of people who do run into problems with license management.

Understood-so if that’s a major issue for you, buy a product that suits your needs and doesn’t bother you-don’t steal the one with the dongle. “I wish I had pirated”-not good. Doesn’t belong on a users forum.

I agree, nothing justifies piracy, but that doesn’t mean that the software developers can make their customers put up with an unreliable or complicated system.

Personally I’m quite happy with the dongle system, it doesn’t bother me. Only concern is how extremely fragile it is.

I’m really not trying to be unnecessarily argumentative here, but yes, actually, they can make them put up with it.
If the customer doesn’t like it, he/she can refuse to buy the product or stop upgrading and move to a different product after complaining vociferously in the forum. It’s the choice of the company to decide what their protection scheme is, and again, none of that justifies suggesting that piracy is a better option.

Fair enough, I just think that DRM will work counteractive when legal users are punished more than illegal users. Which is a decision for the developer certainly, and as a costumer it’s part of the package. We just like to complain about it :wink:

Too big?

Well there are many like me that have an iLok and a Syncrosoft/eLicenser set-up.

I use a short USB extender cable and a passive 2-port USB hub. The dongles are wrapped in s small ‘sock’, with an elastic band round them, so they don’t get damaged.

They don’t look like dongles now, so they attract less attention, and therefore less likely to get stolen. The ‘sock’ is also bigger, and more difficult to lose.

I do worry about what I will have to do on the day that my dongles finally break though…

You can use C6 LE oder Elements for mobile.
I do it on my Macbook to not have to take the dongle with me.
C6 LE ist just fine for most tasks.

Give it a try.

When I said it was too big perhaps it (unintentionally) sounded like a whinge. To be able to store/hide/carry ALL your legitimate licenses around everywhere is a boon… it’s great!. I would just rather have a USB “stump” than a stick so as to avoid physical damage. My laptop suffices for all Steinberg software and so the Elicenser is vulnerable to physical leverage. An “Estump” would be marvelous.

I think you can pull your dongle out (hey now!) when you are doing critical tasks like recording. But don’t lend it to a friend just yet as Cubase will ask for it as soon as you stop :wink:

NYC Composer, you seem really hard-pressed that OP has done Steinberg a disservice when really he’s just sharing his 2¢ in regard to a significant drawback / caveat trouble. My advice for both of you is to “deal with it.” :sunglasses:

My only concern with the dongle system is that I forgot my darn eLicenser at my dorm and I’m on my way home for the weekend as I type this. My only studio monitors are at home, but even so, I haven’t been able to get Cubase to work on my laptop for unrelated reasons (go figure).

DocMa, you mentioned that Cubase LE works without a dongle? What would it take to install LE as a complement to the whole Cubase? Would I have to buy it separately, or can it be “added on” at a reduced price?

LE is a “smaller” version of cubase which is mostly a bonus on bought hardware. Mine was in the magazine “KEYS” in the end of 2011. I don’t know if steinberg is selling it, but may you ask the support where to get it.
Else you can buy Cubase Elements which doesn’t need a dongle, too. It’s not that much.
On my macbook I have installed C6LE and the full version. For running the full version I have to take the dongle with me.

Cheers, Matze!

I find this USB key thing very annoying, and it’s quite possibly a deal breaker for me. I only have two USB ports on my MB Pro, and it’s also annoying to have to carry/remember this key every time I want to use Cubase.

Why not have an online alternative where you can log in to MySteinberg to use cubase ?? (like steam…)

I am currently running Cubase Studio 4, but I’m planning to either upgrade to Cubase 6, or switch to Logic Pro 9. I’m leaning more and more towards Logic…