Does my Hard Disk Free Space satisfy Cubase 12 Minimum requirements?

Hi -

As listed, it says:

  • List item

Hard disk free space (core installation): 1 GB

Hard disk free space: 70 GB

I don’t know what that second entry is referring to.

I have 28.5 GB free on my C Drive.

I have 207 GB Free on my E drive, where my Audio and projects live.

Do I satisfy?


(70 + 1) < (28.5 + 270)?


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Thanks, it’s the terminology I’m not clear about.

“Core Installation” = C drive?

“Hard disc free space” = all hard disc space, excluding C drive (like my E drive)?

You are summing them together, if it can be looked at that simply, I would have thought Steinberg would have had only one hard disk minimal requirement, “71 GB”.

Well it’s all very confusing to me, but thanks for letting know me i have enough!

The actual Cubase program wants to be on the C: drive - but it’s not very big. Most of the bulk of the installation comes from the content which can be located wherever you prefer (Use Steinberg Library Manager to move content).

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That is something i didn’t know, thanks also for that, @raino !