Does new Dorico site reachable from Russia?

Hello there,

It seems that it is impossible for now to go to from Russia (from Moscow to be precise). Chrome browser tells me this site can’t be reached. But it could be opened using Tor, with some struggles tho.

Another question. I have bought educational version of Dorico in September, a few days after it was released. Am I eligible for the free update to v.2?
If yes, how and where to proceed?

Thank you very much for the incredible update, Dorico team. You are the best.

We were having some problems with keeping the new Dorico web site up this evening due to the high load from people receiving news about the update via an email newsletter. That might explain the problems you were having connecting to it. If the problems persist after tomorrow, please let us know.

As I explained in the other thread, you are only eligible for a free update if you first activated Dorico 1.x on or after 2 May 2018. If you bought Dorico before that, then you will need to buy the update if you want the new features.

Yes, Daniel, thank you.
I have just bought the update but the Steinberg Download assistant cannot connect to the server (version 1.12.1). Maybe the roots of the problem are the same as for the Chrome browser to access from Moscow region. It is not accessible still. I can go to the site via Opera, that’s true, but seems the assistant can’t use Opera protocols for connecting to its download server :slight_smile:

I am sorry for troubles.

I will ask our digital team if they can think of any reason why you would not be able to access SDA. Can you tell me your IP address as reported via a site like

I sent a private message about that.

(Appreciating that you’re busy) there seems to be another oddity with the SDA:

on launching version (1.4.6 and 1.12.1 both) I get the ‘need to update’ message as in the attached grab.

after apparently completing said update every time, the version number does not change.

And the prompt to update always appears each next time the SDA is launched.

The ‘Steinberg Download Assistant Setup’ and Uninstaller are both 32-bit.

Update: I started from scratch just now and downloaded the latest SDA from this page. It seems to run OK. It seems to install 1.12.1. But when that is subsequently opened, it prompts again for an update; when accepted, that actually installs the (older?) 1.4.6.