does not seem synthesizer sound on export menu

cubase 5.1
synthesizer : pa 800
soundcarr : RME babyface
midi in and out added synthesizer and works fine.
i can see and play synthesizer sound but no export :frowning: empty

can you help me ?

There is no audio device added to Cubase, nor an audio track, that could record audio of your Korg, so there is no device to choose to export audio from

here ? :

I want to see multi channel batch export on export menu. (only my with pa 800 syntzyzer sounds)

can you help me ?

Set up an external Instrument with the desired number of outputs

For example.

ı can’t see your image :frowning:

Read the manual about how to set up an external instrument.

You have to plug the audio output of the PA800 into your interface so you can digitize the sound and have wav files in cubase.

I work with an arranger keyboard and I sync it up to cubase using midi clock so when I press play in cubase the keyboard starts playing.

That way I can solo tracks and record the parts one at a time. That’s just one example.

Mainly I use the arranger keyboard to write bass tracks for the music I write in cubase.

Can you tell me step by step?

please :frowning:(

you just showed me the end.I want to know how it is done.

please :frowning:

ready ARRANGE keyboard line audio trs cable.
ready midi in and out cable.
I hear arrange keyboard sound in cubase midi sync its ok.
record its ok arrange keyboard sound in cubase.

only problem, export :frowning: I need multi export all batch channels.

I think you have to do it manually one by one, record the audio.

I would use two cables for stereo.

I need multi record wav or mid can you help me ?

Lets say you wanted to move 8 tracks from your synth to your DAW all at once.

That would require your synth to have 16 audio outputs and your interface to have 16 audio inputs, and you would need 16 audio cables.

You can record the midi really easy, just turn on the outputs in the PA and record what it puts out then split the channels to tracks.

You would need the keyboard to make the sound when you send the midi to it or use virtual instruments instead of the sounds of the keyboard.

You know the difference between audio and midi?

What is your goal, what are you trying to do?

You want to make an audio library of all the sounds in the keyboard or something?

Or just move songs from the keyboard into cubase?

I’m using google translate. sorry.
Sometimes I understand hardly.

I need multi record with pa 800 (synthzyzer)
midi in and out added synthesizer and works fine and i see synthesizer sound play/record works perfect.
click export panel but empty :frowning:
I need multi export to wav all channel.please look first my message for images.

Your interface has 2 inputs and 2 outputs so you can move 1 stereo audio file at a time with it.

You have a bunch of midi tracks, you’re wanting to export them as audio?

They have to be audio before you can export them as audio.

Midi is not sound, it is only instructions on how a synth is supposed to play.

yes ı need midi export to wav (multi channel batch)
can not i do that?

If you are using external instruents, but don’ t have a multi channel input audio card - no. At least not on the fly.

You sync the keyboard to cubase by sending midi clock to the midi port where the keyboard is plugged in, do that on the transport menu/sync
Then set the keyboard to use external midi timing, in its settings.

Now solo a part on the keyboard and record the audio on a track in cubase, then repeat, so move them one at a time.

how will i do this?