Does not suport 'Basic and High Contrast Themes. ???????????

Afdter purchasing C8.5

When we open Cubase 8 the program does not open displaying the following message:

“This Steinberg product does support’ Basis and High Contrast Themes, on Windows operating systems. Please use one of the ‘Aero’ themes that you can set in the Windows Control Panel.”

A very strange message as we have been using Cubase 8 for a year. ??? :astonished:
Does anybody actually know how to fix this problem? :smiley:

Yes turn on aero and disable the high contrast scheme, do you need it?

It’s a bit lame the first sentence, but I really think you cannot get on without enabling aero and disabling the high contrast schema.

Thank you mroekalea!

We were not using a High Contrast theme and Aero was already on.

The mysterious ‘reboot’ function solved this issue. :slight_smile: