Does Nuage have a "Universal" On/Off Switch

One of the things that drives me nuts about the Artist Series gear is that I have to turn on/off every single piece every single time. They could’ve at least left a “fixed” on/off switch. Then I could’ve just plugged all of the units into a single power rail, turned everything on and left it in the on position and all I’d have to do would be turn on/off the single power rail.

So that got me wondering about the “big ticket controllers.” If you have a 32 fader Nuage system. Do you have to turn on each unit separately, or can you just turn a single switch for all of the linked modules?

There is a truckload of gear out there wich have power switches at the back, or another place whic is difficlut to access.
I think this is because manufacturers assume that every studio has “circuits” which are swiched on/off by one general switch.
In our rooms, we have one circuit for the computers (the machine room) and a circuit for the outboard/controllers/speakers. (The room itself)
Computers stay powered up at all times, and rooms (with all of their gear) are switched on/of by a general switch.
So we never -or rarely- power up individual gear.
Nuage units has individual power switches at the back. So pretty much non-accessible.


I agree, one SHOULD be able to just throw a master switch to turn everything on. That’s why I’m so baffled at why they made the Artist Series units without this simple fundamental feature. Granted, they put all switches right on top, within easy reach. But it’s ridiculous to have to turn each individual piece on & off.

People still use Artist devices?