Does Nuendo 5 have a 32 or 64 bit audio engine?


It is clear that Nuendo 5 runs on either 32 or 64 bit OS’s and has interfaces so that either VSTs can be used.

My question before I upgrade to Nuendo5, is does Nuendo’s mixing bus run at 64 bit or 32?

It has been difficult to fine this info in a simple forum search. I intend to upgrade to Win7 64 bit version and wonder if a I can also get the advantages of a 64 bit Nuendo audio engine?


-david BTW

The “adder” (mixer buss) is 32bit FP, like it has always been. And that is lagerly enough for adding and substracting numbers. Errors can never exceed the LSB’s, so using more bits is simply useless overkill.

Know that for all critical calculations (where cummulative errors can be produced), Steinberg has always used Double Precision (i.e. 64bit). In other words, pretty much all calculations other than simple math (adding and substracting) are done in 64bit.


What advantages?