Does Nuendo have ~1/5sec delay on playback like Cubase does?

On Cubase 11 Pro, I encountered this issue with nothing loaded besides a sample despite having good pc speccs (Windows 10 Pro 64bit, i7 8700, 24GB RAM, RX 580, Samsung 840 Sata SSD) and using an audio interface (Maschine MK3).
Using the Maschine as the Audio Interface and Driver, I set the Buffer size to the minimum, 32 Samples, resulting in a latency of 3ms (in)/5ms (out).
I disabled Asio Guard and set MIDI Latency Mode to Low. The latter reduced the delay the most, although it’s still there.

There’s no delay for me when using my controllers’ pads to play drums. And there isn’t even delay between pressing Play and playback starting when I use Reaper.
Do you know if this is an issue on Nuendo or for that matter on other DAWs you tried? I think, Ableton doesn’t have this but like with Reaper, I do have my issues with it. I wonder how Logic is.

Why this is relevant to me? [spoiler]First of all, for listening to a section of a track multiple times to then choose the proper spot to split the item on the go (for rearranging etc). And the delay on playback makes figuring out these spots a bit harder.

Secondly, I’d like to use a convoluted macro to insert a marker at the position the playback started instead of the position the playhead is currently at. (It roughly goes like: Create (first) Marker, Stop (goes to start of playback), Create Marker , Go to (first) Marker, Delete (first) Marker, Play)

So, the macro consists of pausing and playing the song to simulate my desired action even though I don’t want there to be any discontinuation within the playback. But the delay between pressing Play and the song starting is what causes a slight, annoying discontinuation. [/spoiler]

There are no differences between Cubase and Nuendo aside from Nuendo’s added features, and a few very specific other things unrelated to what you’re talking about.

If this delay were being experienced by others there would be many posts about it, being such a fundamental and commonly used item.

thank you for the info on Nuendo.
Regarding the delay in Cubase, I did make a reddit post about it a couple of days ago where others said they noticed this on Cubase too compared to Reaper and Ableton. In the end, it’s not thaat bad of an issue because it’s only like 1/5sec (but like 1/3sec without switching to Low Latency Mode).

But!..I just realized what my actual issue is. Something felt off but I couldn’t put my finger on it at first:
I get a delay upon changing the playhead position during playback but the thing is that the amount of delay varies depending on whether I click on the ruler or an empty space in the event display.
The latter, enabled by the setting “Transport->Locate when clicked in Empty Space”, causes significantly more delay, sometimes. So, it appears to be a bug.
This is not the result of pressing down left-click too long before releasing it.

Also, to specifcy what has how much delay:
-Starting playback by hitting play: 1/5s
-Changing playhead position while song is playing via click on ruler: 1/5s (longer if leftclick held down too long )
-Changing playhead position while song is playing via click on empty space: 1/5s to 1/2s (duration of leftclick being held down has no correspondence with amount of delay)

Odd I’m not seeing this. Also I play drums in from my Roland td30 and my rme Babyface pro fs set at 64 samples (lower latency than yours at 32 samples) and the playing is immediate

and the playing is immediate

Are you referring to drums? Because drumming with my Maschine MK3 has no delay for me either. But the other things I mentioned have more or less

So it’s not latency at all it’s just delay when you hit the play button?


This could be latency as well…

Not as I can imagine
it could be a misconfiguration inside Cubase or Machine (as VSTi in Cubase or as controller)

What things I haven’t mentioned yet are there that could be set up incorrectly though?
I’ve made a couple screenshots of settings that look relevant to this issue. Do you notice anything that you would configure differently?
Audio System
Maschine MK3
Midi Port Setup
Sample Import Options
Project Setup

Btw, an update on the issue, I can specify it further: you get the noticeable delays when you change the playheads’ position by clicking on a spot inside a Marker Track. The delay upon clicking on any other spot (i.e. an Audio Track or empty area) only has minimal delay, just as using the space button to play/pause has.

I think you didn’t get the reply notification because I didn’t reply directly to you before.
If you lost interest in the topic it’s fine though

What happens if you ‘Constrain Delay Compensation’?

What’s your Disk Preload set at?

Where and what type of harddrive is the project located on?

What is the input/output latency of your hardware?

is ASIO Guard on?