Does Nuendo have 32 VCA fader limit like Cubase? Would appreciate comment from Developers if workaround is safe

Does Nuendo have 32 VCA fader limit like Cubase?

Workaround post below

Yes it does. Never noticed it before.

That’s a lot of VCA. If I may ask, what are you doing with numbers 33+ ?

Odd limitation though… like… why?

Maybe so that when they finally get 32 working right, they can add more and call it a new feature? :laughing:

400 track template

What is it that is not working right for you?

Ahh, makes sense. You must be an Orch guy. Not for the faint of heart!

On the VCA issues. Don’t use them much myself. I believe there are differences in the VCA implementation between Cubase and Nuendo. Not sure the assignments recall properly when saved in a Template and I seem to remember Automation issues. You should definitely vet this if you will be opening Cubase Projects in Nuendo. I don’t think VCAs are happy with that.

MattiasNYC is kind of the expert on this stuff. Maybe he will chime in.

I’m an everything guy, but it’s a master template of which others will be deducted from.

So it’s interesting, this limit can actually be bypassed but not without a warning each time you load the project.

I’d really appreciate comment from developers on this, if I am going to run into problems or if this bypass is safe?

So if you just try and plain add a VCA fader channel. You will get this prevention warning:

But, if you use an ‘Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels…’ It will add a VCA and link it to the selected channels and function appropriately. It does not steal a operation of function from already existing VCAs that I can see.

Likewise, you can do the same through the link channels protocol:

However every time you load a project with above 32limit, you will see this warning:

But despite this warning, everything seems to work and CAN be modified. So, what is this all about?

Nobody finds this interesting? alright

Those of us who answered are “nobodys”?

There were so many issues (still are I guess) with vcas that I just never incorporated them into my workflow. I still find it interesting. You are my favorite “nobody” Matthias! :wink:

The most useful thing about VCAs is they can be daisy chained, so you have VCAS controlling VCAs that are controlling audio tracks that are feeding into groups and those groups are summed into a single group. and you can have a separate VCA to control the sub-groups feeding the main group. Gain staging becomes very creative feeling

Sincerely trying to be helpful here. I think you are asking for trouble nesting VCAs in Nuendo’s current implementation. I’m fairly certain the implementation is different than in Cubase and I have no idea how well they work in Cubase.

Like the poster above I have never Incorporated them into my workflow as I’ve never believed they were solid. I think they’re going to work fine for you until they don’t at which point you will not be sure why the mix no longer nulls with what you printed the day before. I HATE that sort of thing.

If you do a search I think you’ll see what I’m talkin about. People talking about everything was fine and then they pull the session up one day and VCA controlled faders were wrong. I think automating VCAs gets especially exciting.

And I think that explains why there’s not more action here on your thread. A lot of us are waiting for something definitive to be done because there are little buglets sprinkled within the current VCA implementation by all accounts.

Also. I worked for years on big Euphonix S5 48 fader, 156 input consoles. Virtually everything about Steinberg’s automation was taken directly from those consoles. Even the control room is an almost identical copy as Euphonix and Steinberg were tag-teaming Eucon development. Steinberg learned a lot from those guys.

So with that being said, I am extremely familiar with the real-world implementation of VCAs. Used them a lot on the consoles including nesting tiered control of other VCA groups… The fact that I don’t use them at all in Nuendo should tell you something.

I haven’t seen anything regarding what you describe on the Cubase forums.

They can be tremendously useful, though it depends on the job and routing etc.


Oh I definitely see their usefulness. I was just waiting for “things to get stable.” But that was years ago so I just moved on. I was also switching between Cubase and Nuendo. Not sure why they were ever implemented differently. :blush:

Sorry, can you explain to me what the difference is exactly?