Does Nuendo have a wind removal tool for dialogue audio?

Just what the question says.
If there is one included I haven’t found it yet.

There is. It is called Spectralayers 8 One, the light version of Spectralayers 8.

This tutorial is two years old, but is basically the same process with the current version of Spectralayers.

Here is an overview of what Spectralayers does, AFAS post production processing:

Thanks! I’ll give this a try in just a moment :slight_smile:

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So, two wrinkles:

  1. Spectralayers One has no download link either from the Steinberg Downloader, or the website.

  2. It doesn’t have any de-noise functionality according to the comparison chart:
    Compare the Versions of SpectraLayers | Steinberg

I may demo the full version and try it out though.

Add another AI plug-in. I hope it can help you

WindRemover AI 2