Does "Powering Off" a VSTi or plug in save computer power?

Hello -

I have a template that I just made, set up with all kinds of plug-ins and a few VSTis. I know having them simply bypassed doesn’t save any computing muscle, but I wasn’t sure about clicking on the power button for each of them so it is grayed out …

Does that save computing power, or do I have to actually remove the plug-in from the insert/send rack, or the VSTi from the F11 rack, to lessen the load on the computer?

Old Betsy (my creaky old XP) - and I - thank you!

It does.

Thank you, TC, I didn’t know that.

Do you also:

  1. Know the answer to my OP?
  2. Know whether the saving in computer power is more when it is, a) “Powered Off” vs. b) Totally removed from the rack, vs. c) Just “Bypassed”?

Inquiring minds … !

Thanks -

Switching off the plugin is like not having it there, no processing power and no plugin delay compensation.

Thanks, Good Info!

I actually just removed VSTi’s from the ‘Instrument’ track on my template.

But I labeled the tracks, by the name of the VSTi’s that I like, so I’d remember, lol!

It seems to save computer power.

Excellent, thanks Split!

Would I be inferring correctly from your answer that switching it to “Bypass” would still use Plugin Delay Compensation?

Oh, and by any chance would you happen to know if having “Bypass” on is as little computer power drain as switching off the plug-in entirely? (I’m just getting greedy now!).

Thanks again!

Switching bypass on, keeps the plugin active, so delay compensation is active, as far as processing power used, I have never really considered the consequences!

OK, thanks, Split, I had not considered the PDC, so that’s great to know as well!