Does "Preferences" not remember the Meter Colors

That’s the way it seems. I save my preferences as a preset, but it doesn’t store the Meter colors under Metering/Appearance. Is there anyway to store these colors?


They should stay as set in preferences but whether you can then save that as a preset I rather doubt, because some preferences are global and may be excluded from preset settings. This is not mentioned in the OM however.
Are you certain that the “Store marked preferences only” option is not activated?

Thanks for your reply. I think it’s as you say – the meter colors are stored as global. “stored marked” is not checked.

I’m definitely not able to save the meter colors in a preset, which is a shame because it takes me a while to set up. I think I’ll take a screen grab next time I have to reinstall and then I can restore them manually much more quickly.


Out of curiosity, why would you want to have different meter colourings?
I find I want my meters to be a visual constant in terms of reference.

Just my megalomaniacal need for control. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: I like to set up where the meter crosses into -18, -12, and -06 territories with quick, but smooth changing gradients. I also set up similar on the control room meter. Plus, the base blue I use for infinity until about -18 is much more subtle than the standard aqua-ish Cubase color. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the help.