Does Pro come with a light version for second computer

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Wondering if anyone know if there is a light version (like LE) that is included when you buy Pro. I have Cubase Pro 10.5, and I want to install something similar to Cubase LE (or even lighter, only need two tracks) on my laptop for when I am recording outside. Really not interested paying for another license from Steinberg as I believe they should provide a light version for a second computer to Pro users IMO. Don’t want to install Audacity (free) or Audition (comes with my Adobe license), etc. I want to stick with stuff that transfers easily and has familiar controls.

If anyone knows of something I might be missing (like Cubase LE is free for pro license owners or something similar), let me know how I can take advantage of it.


No. There is no free lite version for Pro owners.

Le or AI does come free with various interfaces and keyboards, however.

Dorico SE?

Thanks Planarchist and MrSoundman.


one license per-machine/dongle.

You will need to buy a dongle for each machine as well.

Not if you want to run Elements (as the OP asked), this will run without a dongle. This is why I bought a copy to have on my Laptop.

You do know that you can install your CB Pro version on the 2nd computer and then move your eLicense dongle to use it. :wink:

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Just realised I’d been in the wrong forum when I replied to this … :blush:
Unfortunatley there’s no “SE” version of Cubase … but there should be!

My understanding is that your Cubase Pro license allows you to use any lesser or earlier version of Cubase. It should allow you to use, for example, Elements on your laptop. The issue is that the license that allows you to do this resides on your eLicenser, so you can only do it if you move the eLicenser to the laptop. As has been pointed out above, you can do this with Cubase Pro itself; you do not have to use a lesser version on the laptop, unless it suits you to do so, because of resource issues, for example.

Funny. I saw this the other day and was confused. I thought, “Does Dorico SE come with a Cubase LE or AI license? What is he trying to say?”
Makes more sense now…

It allows you to use earlier versions, not lesser versions.

It allows both.