Does project sample rate affect "lossless Audio" from VST Connect performer?

Just wondering if higher sample rates in the project will affect, or change the quality of “lossless audio” coming from the Performer or not. For example, will a 44.1 project receive a lower quality lossless audio than a project at 96khz?

There are 2 areas of concern:

a) HD recording on the Performer side. This depends on the sample rate setting of the Studio (Nuendo/Cubase) hardware and project setting. The Performer sample rate always needs to match that, and if the rate changes on the Studio side, Performer gets a message to adjust its rate. So HD recordings are recorded with that overall system sample rate.

b) Audio Transmission rate. This depends much more on the upstream rate setting than on sample rate, with the notable exception of “Lossless” setting. For lossless, it may make a difference, but also requires more bandwith, which in case of failure may cause pops and clicks and thus significantly reduce quality.

How much of a difference 44k/48k vs 96k sample rate makes is a matter of extense discussions. Of course, higher sample rates are better, but also may cause problems when the system cannot keep up. This affects both audio system load, and most of all, network load. Higher sample rates for instance reduce artifacts due to intersample peaks, but IMHO, for vocal recordings (especially when later embedded in a mix with other signals) it is hardly ever noticable. Even less with guitars, “sensitive” jazz drum recordings may be a different beast. Trust your ears, if in doubt, it may be better to use lesser sample rates for better stability.

After thinking about it more last night, i cam to the same conclusion that, yes, sample rate will affect recording lossless audio depending on upload and download speeds with the Performer and studio respectively. This is not neccesssarily a real world scenario for me, but my buddy and I have been pushing the limits of VST Connect jst for our own amusement, and to see what VST Connect is capable of. So far, I’ve been able to track a whole song, (one take at a time) from the Netherlands to here in BC Canada at 24 bit 48khz “lossless Audio”!. Today , if he’s around, we’ll try 96khz lossless audio and see how it does. Thanks for your thorough reply!

Exciting - good stuff… :slight_smile:

Am curious if you could write a little more about the experience/methods of the session overall, focusing on use of VST Connect (Pro.?) from Netherlands to BC Canada.

  • Were you recording full res audio at your end or at the Netherlands site and transferring HD files afterwards.?
  • How was the monitoring between sites, concerning any latency/sync issues.?
  • Was the ‘Performer’ fed a low res mono audio stream or HD stereo to record against.?
  • How did the integrity of ‘connection’ hold up across the length of the session.?
  • Any tips/gotchas, setting the session up in the first place.?

Many thanks - I don’t wish this to be a chore for you Michael; brief or in-depth, as you feel inclined.!


Hey Bob,

  • Yes, i was recording full resolution at my end!! My friend has really fast internet at his place, so his upload speed was 960 Mb/sec!!! (mine is about 325 upload and download) but he’s an IT guy…whaddaya expect??? LOL
    BTW, only the Pro version of VST Connect will allow “lossless recording” into Cubase, and will record lossless HD files on the Performer computer for the studio to download later if, for instance, you guys are only streaming at 128k/.s…
    The VST Connect ‘Se’ version will not record, or create HD files on Performer’s computer as far as I’m aware, (someone correct me) so set the Performer’s upstream audio (in VST Connect Performer tab) as high as you can get away with without glitches for the best recorded audio…

    The monitoring was perfect. He had to “re set” his buffer size a few times, but as long as my talkback mic was muted, OR, I was wearing headphones, he didn’t get a delay. He did get a delay (2 sounds) if I didn’t engage the “Constrain delay Compensation” button (orange button low left corner of Cubase).

    The performer was fed the default 128 kb/sec stereo feed (hmmmmm…that’s something we should experiment with!) I video recorded the vst connect pro plugin with OBS, so he even had his video feed at the highest res 1Mb/sec (for some of the takes anyway/ We didn’t think of it till part way through) as opposed to the normal 128 so i could get the clearest video from his end.

    The connection never wavered once during the whole 3 hour period we were online!

    Tips: make sure both parties have the latest update for their version of VST Connect. For instance, if you have VST Connect 4, make sure you have the latest update, and the Performer has the latest VST performer 4 update. (I’m on v5.6… the latest version).

****** (this one caused me hours of wasted time a long time ago) Make sure you select the performer’s interface in the Master Slider drop down menu (if it isn’t chosen already), and interface inputs in the channel drop down menus

Extra tip!!! If you have outboard gear, like a vocal preamp for example, you can track the performer through your preamp right into Cubase !!! Not sure how many people have thought to try this. (You’ll probably only want to do this if you’re able to record lossless audio into Cubase/ Nuendo)

  1. Create a stereo “External FX” plugin in Cubase in the F4 window under “External FX” (this option is only available in “Cubase Pro” versions). For the routing, select the interface channel you have assigned to go to your preamp under “Left send” drop down menu. (do the same thing for the “Right send” if you have another preamp assigned to yet another channel on your interface).
    leave the “Left return” (and "Right Return) drop down menu to “Not Connected”

  2. connect the output(s) of your preamp(s) to 1 (2) new channel(s) on your interface.

  3. In Cubase, select the “VST Connect” input channel (it will be a stereo input) and insert your “External Plugin” on the next insert under the VST Connect insert. (Make sure it is turned on!)

  4. Create a mono audio channel (if recording a mono source like a vocalist) in your Cubase/Nuendo project, and for the input, select the input channel of your interface (connected to the output of your preamp) . THIS is the track you’re going to record on, so “record enable” this new track (You can leave the 'Performer track" record armed as well if you want, you’ll get a stereo wave and one channel will appear silent because that signal is going to your preamp. The other channel will be the original raw signal coming into VST Connect. . If you’re using 2 preamps, the left and right channels will be a silent recording because you routed both VST Connect channels to 2 preamps (remember the “Left send” and the “Right send”?))
    My interface is actually a mixer as well, so I can monitor what is coming out of the preamp channel on my board, so i can monitor the vocals and make changes on my preamp while the singer sings for me.
    Here’s the session I vid recorded with OBS. We just did a short 16 bar recording (For some reason, when I upload vids, they end up slightly out of sync. haven’t figured out why yet). Highland vid final.wmv - Google Drive

Hope that helps

Brilliant.! Thanks so much for taking the time Michael - lots of great/important detail - with added bonus video clip…! Looked/sounded a fun session.

Its the way of the world that folk will post in forums having niggles or plain head-scratching, stumped at trying to get this all to work. Though must add, the dev support here does seem great in helping resolve matters - plenty of variables to trip you up…!

So its great reading a happy, success story for a bit of balance, sharing insights. :slight_smile:

Perfect ‘extra tip’ info you included there too.! I’m not a VST Connect Pro owner yet (still toying with justifying needs/expense) but am able to borrow a friends SSL Alpha Channel pre-amp unit, on occasion. So, bookmarking this for future ref.

Anyway, thanks once again - deserves a couple of re-reads…


Thanks Bob.