Does ProTools12 play nice with Nuendo 7 ?

Hello everyone,
This sounds like a taboo subject, bringing PT into this forum.

I am looking to purchase ProTools12 for the single purpose of compatibility with other music creators.

I like mixing in Nuendo, however clients often send me their PT File Session, as opposed to just clean WAV files. My questions are as follows:

  1. Is there a way to properly import files from a PT Session file into N7 without having to guess where all the files go?

  2. If no, and I am forced to buy PT, Does having PT on the same PC as N7 cause issues with the 2 DAWS?

PT running fine here. Easiest solution for transferring into Nuendo I’ve found is to backwards save the PT session to a PT 7->9 session (this will split all interleaved files up etc) and then exported a linked AAF which Nuendo can import.

Yep…just like he said.
AAF is your only solid and free answer, although they are third party apps to convert sessions between diff DAWs. AATranslator comes to mind…

I have Nuendo and PT running on the very same PC without problems. I like to work in Nuendo , but just like you need to receive and send out ptx sessions. They both have definite advantages in their design, and they are equally prone to bugs. And there are bugs, more and more with every new “update” these days.
Think of it as having two partners at the same time :wink: :wink:

Same here. I use PT on my main DAW system to xfer via AAF. But to be honest, often I prefer to Consolidate all files from the top in PT and just import the WAVs into Nuendo using my favorite Nuendo mix template for the genre. Saves time in the long run, since I don’t really care what their mix sounded like and won’t use any of their parameters as a starting point anyway.

Heck, I never, ever even listen to a rough mix of a song I’m mixing before I start. They’re paying for my take on the song, creatively, and I like starting with a fresh sheet of paper, so to speak.

I’m often only mixing the final and never really export the multitracks at the end, just Final Mix and Stems. I honestly use Consolidated Waves more often than AAF, though AAF generally works fine.

PT 11 HD and N7.1 on same Mac here without problems.

Thanks guys. Your responses are confirmed. So far so good. I am not seeing any hiccups yet. I hope it stays that way.